At the Dojo, St Helens Martial Arts and Fitness Academy offer a Variety of Styles of Martial Arts , Combat Sports, Self Defence and Fitness Classes.

Martial Arts Classes St. Helens

At St Helens Martial Arts & Fitness Academy we offer a wide variety of classes for Children & Adults. Get fit and healthy , gain new skills, make new friends and build confidence. Our classes are extremely popular and help children to stay fit, give them focus, develop and work on new and existing skills. We are extremely competitive with our prices and you will not find a better training space or dedicated team in the area, we guarantee it. Our award winning instructors are fantastic and extremely approachable, we offer free taster sessions for any one wanting to join our ever expanding Academy.

Channelise the power of martial arts and start your fitness journey today! At St Helens Martial Arts and Fitness Academy, we provide martial arts training for both adults and children in various forms, including, KarateAtemi JitsuPink Belt KickboxingJudo, and Combatives (self defence).  We also offer fitness classes and Spin.

We take pleasure in offering a welcoming, community-like atmosphere, and each member of our staff is driven to support you in becoming the best version of yourself. To ensure only the most contemporary techniques are being used, all our instructors undergo continuous training and are fully qualified and capable of providing you with the precise instruction you need to achieve your unique goals. 

Improved coordination, greater balance, self-discipline, new self-defence techniques, increased cardiac fitness, greater flexibility, and development of martial arts proficiency are some benefits of our martial arts classes

Our classes are designed to suit all fitness levels, from novices to martial art experts. You can join our beginner’s training or advanced courses depending on your skill level. Before enrolling in one of our classes, we will discuss your fitness goals and medical history to ensure a safe and secure training experience.  



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2023 martial arts timetable for St Helens Martial Arts


Martial art is one of the best methods for a child to build confidence and character. Through our engaging yet intense workouts instructed by qualified coaches, our sessions will enhance your child’s overall personality. To ensure your child develops these qualities in a safe and secure atmosphere, we follow a grading scheme with a planned curriculum for beginners to intermediate and advanced levels. 

Additionally, all of our sessions are delivered in a structured environment under the close supervision of our instructors. By recognising a child’s accomplishments and motivating them to set more significant goals, we foster their sense of self and help the kids identify their strengths, which boosts their morale and self-confidence.