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Transform your body and mind with a powerful fusion of martial arts and fitness classes, sculpting strength, agility, and confidence in every dynamic session


At St. Helens Martial Arts and Fitness Academy, our centre boasts a large variety of classes for adults and children of all ages and abilities, from beginner basics to advanced training. Whether you want to become a professional martial artist, build strength and physical conditioning, or just have some fun in an energetic and vibrant atmosphere, St. Helens Martial Arts and Fitness Academy has something for everyone. Our experienced instructors will ensure that you are getting the best out of your training and having a great time doing it!



Atemi Jitsu combines elements of traditional martial arts, such as Karate, Aikido, Ju Jitsu and Judo, with modern combat systems, such as MMA and Combatives. By combining the principles of these styles, Atem Jitsu provides a comprehensive system for self-defence and fitness. As an instinctive, adaptive, and modern form of martial arts, Atemi Jitsu focuses on developing one’s natural abilities while encouraging the practice of key skills and techniques. Atemi Jitsu gives students tangible benefits, including improved reflexes, higher levels of physical fitness, increased focus and mental acuity, and a heightened sense of awareness.



Atemi Jitsu Kickboxing is a dynamic addition to our Atemi Jitsu offerings. This class is tailored to enhance your stand-up combat skills, focusing on strikes, sparring, kicking, and pad work. Drawing from a diverse array of martial arts disciplines, it offers a comprehensive approach to martial arts training.

Atemi Jitsu Kickboxing is designed to boost confidence, coordination, and balance while improving aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels. With elements of sparring and grappling integrated into the curriculum, it provides a well-rounded martial arts experience, catering to practitioners of all levels. Whether you're seeking to refine your skills or embark on a new martial arts journey, Atemi Jitsu Kickboxing offers a fulfilling path toward mastering the art of combat.

Combatives Self Defence


We offer a Combatives Self Defence class to help develop your self-defence techniques and improve your physical fitness all while having fun! Our Combatives Self Defence class is designed to teach individuals how to protect themselves by combining striking, blocking and grappling techniques from various martial arts disciplines. Participants not only learn invaluable self-defence strategies but also benefit from increased strength, mobility, balance and coordination. Our classes are led by an experienced instructor, who will guide you towards improving your physical and mental health.

Dojo Spin


Dojo Spin classes is a cardio exercise that helps you improve your overall fitness. With these classes, you’ll gain better coordination, better balance, and all-around physical strength and endurance. In addition to the physical benefits, these classes are surprisingly fun! No matter your fitness level, these classes are suitable for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete looking to boost your fitness levels or just looking to try something different for your everyday workout, Dojo Spin classes offer something for everyone.



Karate, with its deep roots in ancient Okinawan traditions, intertwines centuries-old techniques with modern principles, much like a bridge between tradition and innovation. This art form isn't just about mastering kicks and punches; it's a holistic journey encompassing physical prowess and mental strength. By blending timeless teachings with contemporary methods, Karate offers a robust system for self-improvement and defense. It instills instinctive reactions while nurturing adaptability, emphasizing the development of natural abilities alongside the mastery of fundamental techniques. Through Karate, practitioners unlock tangible rewards: enhanced reflexes, heightened physical fitness, sharper focus, mental agility, and a profound sense of self-awareness, creating a well-rounded and empowered individual.

Pink Belt Kickboxing


Our Pink Belt Kickboxing classes teach the fundamentals of the sport in an exciting and high-energy setting. You will learn the basics of punching, kicking – while at the same time building strength, improving reflexes, and learning about this fun sport. You will experience an improvement in coordination and agility – and have fun while doing it. As you advance in the program, you will get the opportunity to spar with our professional kickboxing instructors, and practice the skills you’ve learned in a controlled and safe environment.

Our Pink Belt Kickboxing classes have a lot of benefits that can help you in all aspects of life. From improving cardiovascular health to developing mental toughness to learning properly about how to defend yourself, there is a lot that you can gain from our program. So come join us today and take your fighting skills to the next level!