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Combatives Self Defence

Combatives is a system of fighting that was developed just before WW2 by two men named William Fairbairn & Erik Sykes. They were officers in the Shanghai Police and with Shanghai being one of the world's most dangerous they were tasked and developing a method of self-protection to be taught to the officers on the beat. The system was so successful that it was drafted to their allied forces at their training centre in Scotland. The system was adjusted slightly to the Commandos using it and re-named ”Silent Killing”. This system is brutally effective and is easily learned in a short period of time and used under pressure. The techniques come from various sources and are based on how the body reacts to stress from a real violent encounter. The main philosophy of Combatives is ”the only dirty fight is the one that you lose.” There are no belts, no grades, no nonsense. Combatives is aggressive and only designed with winning in mind. It's perfect for anyone looking for self-protection & confidence. You will learn the same method of unarmed combat that is taught to the commandos and special forces, as well as techniques to build confidence, reduce stress and control your emotional responses.


We specialise in teaching various aspects of combative self-defence, including defensive martial arts, street fighting techniques, counterattack tactics, and more. We have a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise that allows us to effectively guide students and help them develop the necessary skills for self-defence.

Combative was developed to equip soldiers with practical and efficient close-quarters combat skills, drawing inspiration from various fighting styles and techniques. This combat discipline focuses on teaching you essential self-defence manoeuvres, striking techniques, grappling, and weapon handling, emphasising simplicity, speed, and effectiveness.

Our teaching system remains grounded in the principles and methods of the WW2 masters while incorporating a substantial infusion of modern psychological techniques. This unique approach accelerates learning and delves deeper into addressing fear and aggression. By integrating contemporary psychological insights, Dave ensures that students acquire the technical skills of combative and develop a comprehensive understanding of the psychological aspects involved in self-defence.

We offer free taster sessions for anyone interested in joining our ever-expanding academy. This allows you to experience our classes firsthand, meet our instructor, and taste the exciting world of combative self-defence in St. Helens. Join us today and embark on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and empowerment.


TUESDAY – 8:20pm – 9:20pm – £29 pm

There is a joining fee of £30 which includes their membership, annual insurance, and the rest of that month's lessons!!!