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Karate isn’t just about fighting; it’s a journey that weaves history, philosophy, and discipline into an incredible tapestry. Originating in the Ryukyu Kingdom, this art form, evolving from ‘Tode’ or ‘Te,’ reflects a beautiful fusion of Chinese martial arts and local practices. But Karate is more than just moves; it’s about embracing unity of mind, body, and spirit.


It’s like diving into a storybook—a tale of discipline, respect, and self-improvement. From the humble white belt to the revered black belt, each step signifies growth and dedication. Imagine painting a canvas with precise strikes, blocks, and stances that emphasize not just power but grace and control.

Karate isn’t confined to the dojo; it’s a lifestyle. Picture this: it’s not only about getting fit but also gaining confidence, discipline, and a deeper understanding of yourself. And within the dojo walls, it’s a bustling community—a place where friendships flourish, respect reigns supreme, and victories aren’t just about winning matches but about uplifting each other.

As Karate leaps across borders, it becomes a global sensation. With its inclusion in international events and the evolution of various styles, it marries tradition with modernity, inviting everyone to be a part of its vibrant journey. The impact? It extends way beyond self-defense, shaping individuals and nurturing mental and emotional well-being.

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned practitioner, Karate extends an open invitation. It’s not just about learning moves; it’s a discovery—a path that unfolds the layers of your potential, fosters growth, and celebrates the spirit within you. Karate isn’t just an art form; it’s an adventure—an adventure that paints life’s canvas with vibrant lessons, shapes who you are, and where every step is a leap toward a better you.



Thursdays from 7pm £28 pcm

(7 Years+ & Adults)

Pricing and Membership

 Joining Fee £60 – This includes Gi (Martial Arts Suit), first Belt, Membership and Annual Insurance. Grading Book and Draw String Bag. We will even cover the rest of the month's classes within your joining fee too.

For Students wanting to train in multiple styles of Martial Arts with us. Please be aware they may require different Gi’s (Martial Arts Suits) which are a charge from £25. Prices can vary depending on sizes.